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mugetsuga asked:

Whoa dude, thanks, you a boss. Also, do you mind if I flirt on Amanda-chan? She seems so slutty <3, though she may be your girlfriend or something. I am sorry beforehand.

Go right ahead and flirt with me, just send my blog an ask and you can do whatever you want ;)

I feel like we can have lots of fun, and anyone else who wants is more than welcome to come too


No, Amanda-chan’s just my very sexy sister. And just so you know, she’ll flirt with anyone. And more. ~ Kun

Amanda-chan: I look so sketch right now

Onii-chan: huh?

Amanda-chan: Tiny girl about to walk into a liquor store with a backpack on

Onii-chan: lol

Onii-chan: A schoo lgirl uniform and a box of girlscout cookies would be so boss.

Amanda-chan: That doesnt have a lot to do with this but yeah it would be funny

Onii-chan: I can see that. They may even think I’m your dad. :P

Amanda-chan: I wouldn’t mind that so long as daddy gave me his cock

Onii-chan: You know I’m not daddy material but I can help with the other idea.

Amanda-chan: I figured you could

Onii-chan: But yeah. I would do that once or twice. “So hunny what do you like drinking?”

Amanda-chan: “Well daddy I like drinking long islands and sex on the beach and your cum…”

Onii-chan: “You do it way better than your mom ever could. And you look so hot in that thong bikini.”

Amanda-chan: “Do i? And you only put me in this so you could stare at my ass all day :P”

Onii-chan: “Oh come on, you like it just as much as you do me bending you over by the rocks and getting you what you’re made out of.”

Amanda-chan: Sounds like you really want this to happen. ;)

Onii-chan: Totally! It would be so epic!

Amanda-chan and Onii-chan texting. Remember Amanda-chan is 21.

A message from Onii-chan

Hello everyone. Long time no see guys!

As you can see, our family hasn’t been active for a while. However me and Amanda-chan are here and there talking. I don’t know how to re-forum the family, but I’ll see what I can do.

I don’t say anything about changing our settings or bringing new people in yet, I just feel like it is time to change, and ask everyone ‘What do you want to do?’ Should we bring more people in? Should we try to work on building a family from within? I don’t know the answers, but we do need a re-set.

I think however, we are all here for each other still. I am Onii-chan, and I’ll be here for a while for all of my family. That’s the important thing: They can always come to me if they need me.

Here’s to making our family better.



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